Monday, April 11, 2005


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  • experiment. Gotta say I'm going to cheat. Instead of recording what I did every 1/2 hour....I only did every hour....cause my life is boring and this was one long day!

    April 9th Saturday
    12am: At a telephone install in Missouri City, Texas going around and helping install and getting working telephones - exciting huh?
    1am: more of the same - Donald and Kody finally arrive from their install looking glazed eyed.
    2am: getting phones working in the emergency room admissions offices. at 2:30 am informed that we only have 1/2 hour to have full access to all areas.
    3am: walking around testing all phones.
    4am: still testing phones this time in the Xray section - Kody hands me his hazelnut coffee and without thinking I drink it all down. He's too sleepy to care.
    5am: I thought I saw a dead person in the physcial therapy area. scared me something funny. too tired to get too upset. turned out to be a dummy they use to show people how to do the therapy. Kody already left to go home. Donald is walking out the door.
    6am: in the admin office testing phone with Scott. He looks so much like my husband or am I just delirious.
    7am: next crew shows up for their shift but we're not really ready just as the cabling subcontractor doesn't have their stuff done yet. still trying to get the phones up and running - the cross connects are taking forever. Cindy ends her shift and goes home.

    8am: reconciling extensions with James and crossing off extensions as they come up.
    9am: informed Debra I'm going home - too cold and exhausted to do anymore good. Kenny is pulling in as I'm pulling out. He calls to ask if I'm okay to drive and lets me know if I need someone to talk to on the way home to call. He cares like a father.
    10am: I fall into bed and crash hard.
    1pm: I haven't moved at all since laying down. someone outside is either playing a crappy game of basketball or target practice with a nail gun. Nope - just a new fence two houses down getting installed. I hate waking up to neighborhood noise.
    2pm: rush over to my parents to help them with their garage sale.
    3pm: open a can of Tacate beer - thanks Dad for not saying anything.
    4pm: second beer - Start boxing and loading up all the stuff that didn't sell into the charity van.
    5pm: dinner with my parents, sister and husband at Chinese place - I lost the coin toss - I wanted Mexican.
    6pm: My boss left message on cell phone thanking me for my help and he sounded delirious.
    7pm: loading up husband's truck with my childhood furniture - so far three dressers, a night stand and a chair. more stuff to get next weekend. Going through the quilts with mom and sister. 8pm: leave to go home
    9pm: got my butt groove going in the couch and the husband makes me a gin and tonic. I love him. Geno turns on the history channel and we watch a show about the big Galveston hurricane in 1900. He leaves me there in my butt groove to go upstairs to get online.
    10pm: second gin and tonic still watching the same show kinda.
    11pm: watching a DVD I got of Mitch Hedburg. Wish he hadn't passed on. after it's over I clean out the bathtube and run nice hot bubble bath for me and my husband to share. He turns on the jets and gets bubbles all over. it's a nice ending.


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