Thursday, September 27, 2007

Jakob O'Dell Heath

A good friend of mine lost his son Jakob. We all lost a friend. Goodbye Jakob. I loved you and miss you.
The top pic is Jakob with his father Al.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


What did one of the blonde's leg say to the other?

Nothing - like they've ever met


Birthday Prank

I thought this was funny

"Yeah, Joe we sure took this squirrel down."

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a little chuckle for you

Rape me I don't care

Driving into work this morning I was behind a person who was keeping to what(?) - the 5 car length for every mile you're driving rule? Pissing me off - and I was right up on his (or her) ass thinking I could get into a car wreck right now and I would have a really good excuse for not going into work.

I finally get into today work at 6:30 am (fucking Wednesdays) there are some strangers working outside the building - attack me I don't care - again another really good excuse for getting some time off work.

After spending three years with this keyboard I am missing the letters A S D N C E R Y U L I - the white letters are disappearing from the black buttons - guess I'm kinda rough on my keyboards.

The boy gets a girlfriend and this one is morning person - and very girly. Extremely Chipper. She showed up for breakfast yesterday all giggly. Joy. I am not a morning person. He also got his cell phone taken up at school yesterday and to get it out of hock I have to take 15 dollars and go speak with the assistant principal. Looks like he will be doing with the cell phone for a while.

Things the hubby has taken care of since we separated -
*replaced a motor or air condenser in the air conditioning unit
*taken care of the son being broke down on the side of the road twice
*fixed the lawn mower
*replaced the back door
*replaced the water filter on the ice cube maker
*replaced light bulbs - because I don't do it, because I don't care
*and now is in the process of fixing the dish washer
I haven't told him that the dryer isn't working right either.

I am going to category chiropractors in the same section as dentist after this week. Something went wrong with the back and after today I have seen this chiro guy four times in less than a week. - OH JOY

I am dire need of a vacation. Can't you tell