Wednesday, May 31, 2006

First job for the boy

My son landed his first job and he starts this morning at 10am. God I'm getting old. He will be working at an ice cream/candy store, not bad. My first actually job (beside babysitting) was at a fast food chicken place - Y.U.C.K !!!! Grease was everywhere. Nasty! He will be starting out as a helper and then if he shows some responsibility they will move him up to ice cream. How cool it this - hot summer days working making ice cream treats. I'm happy for him. I know that he really wanted to work in the surf shop, but this will be good for him as a starter job.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Alice Cooper doesn't love me


I went to an Alice Cooper concert a few years back, I was young and horney and let's face it, Alice is not an attractive man. We were right against the stage and I had my eyes on his young guitarist. He was very pretty and I was staring, watching his every move. Next thing I know I'm getting nudged by the guy I was with, to look up. Right above me was Alice waving his finger back and forth in my face in a "no way, Jose" kind of fashion. So I turn my head to look down the stage where about 6 people over from me were two hoochie mama's and they were gone, probably already taken backstage. I mean, why would Alice even be looking at me with those chicks were way over the top, of course, because they weren't there. So he noticed I was staring at his young guitarist and not him. Damn.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

My sweetie loves me.


busy busy busy
calling it a night.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sweet things to call your cutie and involve food

Honey Pie
Sugar Lips
Honey Buns
Pumpkin Head
Burger Bear
Sugar Cream
Cream Cake
Taco Breath (joking or worse yet Taco Cream - ew)
Sweetie Pie
Hot Dog

Okay, I'm reaching here. I use to be able to think up more. Maybe you have some I did list, if so please let me know and which ones are your favorites. I like Sugar Lips.

We still got bees

Apparently some of them decided to stay and set up house. Damn them bees. Now that the hubby is back home it's up to him to save us.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Beary White

today's work day

A typical work day

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Last night

I wanted to watch Part 2 of House on Fox and of course didn't get to. I feel like a whinny child.

Alferd Hitchcock here I come!

my nightmare

Last night was an adventure. I came home from work, went inside the house (with no problems) and started picking up and doing dishes. My parents were in town and were going to be coming by to take me out to dinner, so that is why the cleaning up was taking place. After picking up every single dog toy we have I went into the front room and started straitening the covers on the chair and couch that the dogs sleep on. I noticed that there were bees in the window, about 6 and a few dead on the floor and a couple more slowly crawling around. Bees? How the heck did bees get into the house? Looking out the window I saw a bunch of them flying around out there. I went to the front door and saw more of them. I have never been stung by a bee, wasp or yellow jacket and have no idea how my body would react; so I went out the back door and walked around to the gate and stood in the drive way and called my husband (who is out of town at a training session). There were bees flying around everywhere from the front door to the side of the house. They were crawling on the house. Geno is like what do you want me to do? I'm in Austin! I know this, I just though you might have some ideas. I go back into the house. I then call my folks and explain to them not to get out of the car when they arrive. About half and hour later their car pulls up into the driveway. I go out the back to go through the gate and see that there is no way in hell that I'm going to make it now that way. There is a swarm, the area of air is full of darkness. If I wasn't freaking out before (which I was) I am more so now. I then look out the front door window and see there is no way out that door, but the garage looks clear kinda. So out to the garage I go. My dad backs up the car so I have a straight shot out the garage to the car. IÂ’m FREAKING! Once in the car my dad pulls back into the driveway so that I can see what has happen in 30 minutes of time. My house is covered in bees on the one side where it started. Covered! You've seen those pictures of people covered in bees, yeah it was like that but bigger. And my dogs are in the back yard starring at the car wondering what we are doing and I'm wondering if those bees will attack my dogs, if they will be dead when I get back. I have now lost my mind. I can't think anymore, I've got bees DAMNIT! My dad states he has never seen anything like it in his life. My mom says she has and that once the queen leaves the others will follow her. Well, how long will the queen stay? A day? Maybe more? Mom makes me feel a bit better, but Dad has never heard this. They want to know where I want to go eat. Eat? I can't eat! I've got bees! My dogs might get stung! I am feeling totally helpless. Dad wants to run into a store and buy some bug spray. I just want to get myself together. Mom steps up to the plate and picks the restaurant. Thank you, Mom! After dinner we get some spray, yeah, that one can of spray is going to kill ten million bees. It is now dusk. We pull into the drive and lo and behold the bees are gone. Amazing. Praise Jebus. A few of the boys were still hanging around wondering what was going on, but the majority were gone. Bees had sex on my house and left. Mom was right they followed the queen to their next orgy session. When I fell into bed later that last night I cried, not just because of the bees, but from the stress of my parents combined with the bees and maybe from relief. This morning was a new day and I only found two fellow bees, probably not too bright fellow bees, couldn't win the spelling bee bees hunting around on the scent, looking for their queen bee.

Before the swam started when I was standing in the driveway I now realize I was witnessing the figure 8 bee sex dance.