Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All tied up

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

current CD listening

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Slightly Stoopid - Live & Direct Acoustic Roots

Monday, January 29, 2007

keeping the (sperm) faith?

Posted by Picasa Barbaro's battle for survival, which captivated the nation, came to an end Monday as the Kentucky Derby winner was euthanized. ( / Associated Press)

They probably jacked him off before they wacked him off.


I awoke Saturday morning feeling very refreshed. Although my body was bit achy and the muscles in my neck, back and hips were feeling tight (especially my neck), I wanted to go work out to keep them feeling that way. Well, before I could turn around my sister and mother were back at my house, and I was stuck. My work out had to wait till yesterday. Nice.

Bottled water my local movie theater costs $4.25 - rip off!

The movie "Night at the Museum" upset me (a tad), just like Thing 1 and Thing 2 in "The Cat in the Hat" did when I was a child. It must be the "you're in charge of other people's chaos" that I don't like.

Oh and how many movies are Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson going to be in together?
Night at the Museum
Meet the Fockers
The Royal Tenenbaums
Starsky & Hutch
Meet the Parents
Permanent Midnight
The Cable Guy

The underwire in one of my favorite bra's has broken free is now poking me in my chest - what little there is.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New hair

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and a new me. Not really same ole' crappy fat face. Will you recognize me?


Man goes into a bar and approaches a woman sitting by herself :

Man: "May I buy you a cocktail?"

Woman: "No thank you, alcohol is bad for my legs."

Man: "Sorry to hear that. Do they swell?"

Woman: "No, they spread ."

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

spank her good

The boys new bass

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It's a story.

My son for Christmas wanted an electric guitar (he's a bass player normally), but he's been wanting it to play around on other than his acoustic guitar. So, I figured that I would take him to pick one out. I can't very well just go grab one for him from any old store and expect it to be what he wants, it's got to fit him - in size and sound and everything in between. My mother, however, who thought herself cleaver, bought him a beginner guitar from Bed, Bath and Beyond.
"Oh, dear God" I thought to myself when she told me, "how am I ever going to get the receipt from her to return it?" Well, we can't. It would just hurt her feelings too much.

So, this past weekend I took the boy to this local guitar shop. The boys jaw dropped and the eyes glazed over at the selection. I accidently knew the sales rep from college - surprise surprise - it is a small world after all - I thought I'd never see him again - oh well. So while we were gabbing about old times. Duncan looked around for over an hour and decided he wanted this 5 string jazz bass. I think the boy is in love. He's going to sell his old bass, the new beginner guitar and an old amp and I'll probably pitched some money in and get the electric guitar later - probably closer to his birthday - don'tcha know.

new bass again

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The Stranger Game

I did it!!!! I didn't chicken out. So now we can play the stranger game! Wanna Play with me?

I will post a pic of the color later when I get one. I think it looks good, but anything was better than going around with hair that hadn't been cut in over a year.

Hellooo Stranger

Friday, January 19, 2007

Blond to grey

well it's not happening fast enough for me. I would like to be totally naturally grey or a lot more grey than I've got. I've only got one little streak of grey on my right temple. I've been blond all my life and I'm bored with it. One old boyfriend used to tell me that blonds have more fun, but that redheads are more fun. Of course he was a redhead. Tomorrow is my hair appointment and I want a totally different color - black with red highlights - dark auburn with red highlights - dark brown with black highlights - I don't know - probably I won't do anything different. I'll probably chicken out again or go for the strawberry blond again. I would love to have electric blue/green hair but wouldn't be able to handle the staring.

Just call me chicken.

Frogs: A Chorus of Colors

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It opens at the Houston Museum of Natural Science today! I wanna go. I can't wait to go! Maybe I'll go tomorrow. I doubt my son or hubby will want to, but I'll just have to drag them along with me - or go by myself (pout). I could spend a whole day at the museum. Maybe I should go by myself, I'd probably have a better time and not feel so rushed. I made out once with a guy I knew in the butterfly exhibit - long time ago.

Have you ever read "Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas" by Tom Robbins?

Frogs - lots of frogs!

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"Hey man, here comes that frog! Perhaps he will settle near me and I can pet him."
- Mitch Hedberg

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Can't get this song outta my head - can't get you outta my mind

Lovin' You - Minnie Riperton

Lovin' you is easy cause you're beautiful
Makin' love with you is all i wanna do
Lovin' you is more than just a dream come true
And everything that i do is out of lovin' you
La la la la la la la... do do do do do

No one else can make me feel
The colors that you bring
Stay with me while we grow old

And we will live each day in springtime
Cause lovin' you has made my life so beautiful
And every day my life is filled with lovin' you

Lovin' you i see your soul come shinin' through
And every time that we oooooh
I'm more in love with you
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

20 inches of snow in South Texas is more like this

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Big Dog Little Dog

I've posted this before, but I can not help myself. I just like it a lot!

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Oh no, Mr. Bill! We got ice - shut the city down.

I understand that a) we don't have the city resources to take care of a major ice storm, b) not many people down here know how to drive in ice and c) it's a nice excuse to take off.

But really, come on, this is not a major ice storm, is it? I've lived through worse. This is nothing. For all you pansy-ass people who called in that you're not coming - you suck! Harsh, I know! But there I said it. Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 15, 2007

Please keep it down.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007


Well, my mother left at 10:30 this morning. She wanted to beat the rain and the night. I know that she makes many stops on her way home. It was nice to have her - she eats dinner and nothing more than that. I eat breakfast and lunch and not so much dinner. So, I probably have gained some weight during her visit as I had to eat dinner with her for three nights. She will be back in 8 days for her eye surgery. Hopefully I can keep the house clean until then.

Thursday night after dinner I gave her a glass of water with ice and made a mix drink for myself. She noticed that my ice had melted fast and mentioned it. I told it was a vodka drink. Last night when I was drinking water from my water bottle I had to endure the harassment of her tongue about drinking vodka - I don't mix vodka with my water bottles - the harassment lasted 15 full minutes - good God woman - it's Friday night! And it's only water. What the Hell.

Today is a nice day. I've got the back door wide open letting in some air and it is a nice 75 degrees inside and out. NO BUGS! Humidity is not too bad either.
Nice day.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Last night TV

Last night I had to watch my Mom's shows which were "Grey's Anatomy" and "Men in Trees".

I don't like watching shows that you have to watch every week to stay on top of. As my sister says "it's too much of a commitment for me" and she is right!

If I'm hooked on these shows now I will be blaming you Mom! But I doubt I'll be stuck.

"Grey's Anatomy" does seem like it will hold me and even if it did my hubby would not allow it. "Men in Trees" reminded me of an upscale "Northern Exposure", which I could probably get into, but I don't think the show has the resiliency to last.

"Get Funny" is that what they use to call it?

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Update to timing

Well, Mom's visit has turned into Wednesday and maybe Thursday to Wednesday, Thursday and maybe Friday night too. If she stays tonight too then she probably won't leave till afternoon on Saturday.

The son is not coming this weekend after all. He's got a new girlfriend and is spending time with her. I'm not surprised.

So if all works out I may get some time alone after all.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

bad singing

You don't call me darling.

Harems? Where?

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


My hubby is leaving today to go on a guys yearly fishing trip. Mom's coming into town for a doctor's visit and is spending the night tonight and/or tomorrow night too. My son is coming this Friday even though it isn't my visitation weekend, because he went hunting last weekend.

Am I ever going to get some alone time?????

Monday, January 08, 2007

My current read


For the fourth time and it's still good. A chick book, but good. When I find myself with nothing to read I grab a book I've read before.


I've been told that "Timing is everything". My timing sucks and I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Riddle me this Batman!

Hypothetically speaking of course:

What would you do if a neighbor of yours either did not come home one night because they had a) died on the side of the road, or b) they had had emergency appendectomy surgery, or c) they were at home and passed on the couch leaving their fucking yapping dog barking outside all night in the cold?

Another hypothetical question:

What would you do if another neighbor of yours always (meaning everyday Monday thru Friday and sometimes on the weekends) kicks the dog out at 5:30am every morning, they then leave for work and their dog barks all day long (and I mean ALL DAY LONG) and you a) don't have to get up that early for work; b) took a sick day because you are really sick and need to rest; or c) took a vacation day and would love to sleep in?

Nobody talks about Fight Club!


is a Giant Blob that has a Swirly Hypnotic Gaze and X-Ray Vision, is Sensitive to Noise, can Change Shape, and enjoys Climbing Buildings.

Strength: 9 Agility: 1 Intelligence: 7

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat diedre, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights diedre using


1/2 bowl of left over soup from last night, the rest of the cabbage, a piece of corn bread and a whole grapefruit.

Oh, and don't tell anyone but there is a rather large grapefruit sead under the office microwave that I couldn't get under it enough to remove.


The week before my period I start acting like a starving manic. Eating everything in sight. Then the week of the period I'm in so much pain that I don't feel like eating anything. All's I want to do is crawl into bed and die. (see a pattern here - basically I just want to be in bed all the time and will use anything as an excuse)

This week is the eating week. Which sucks because I know what is around the corner. Damn it.

A large glass of milk and a yucky bowl of crappy oatmeal for breakfast
Lunch was cabbage, black-eyed peas, a bit of left over broccoli & cheese and some corn bread
Snack (I usually never have a snack) was a bag of personal sized chips (plain Lays) from the vending machine
Dinner two bowls of home made soup and some more homemade corn bread
This may not sound much to you, but to me it is a bit more than I usually eat.

So far today:
A large glass of milk and a slice of wheat toast with some Philly Cream cheese spread

And I'm starving - oh it's almost lunch time. That's why.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

That's Crazy

This commercial has ruined it for me. Whenever I hear anyone say "That's Crazy" I automatically think of this commercial and state "But she doesn't have red hair like you." Oh God, how long will this reaction last?

New Year Party Pics

The love birds - I swear he is stoned!

sister in-law

not the finger?

Bill W/ Peanut, Jesse, Patty, Me and Sas

Gandalf (Bugs) and Sas

Christmas Pic

niece with mom at Christmas