Sunday, April 29, 2007

Current reading

A male co-worker handed this for me to borrow, knowing that I like to read and stated "If you tell anyone I read this I will totally deny it". No doubt. It is definitely a book geared for women.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bobby 'Boris' Pickett has died

Thanks Bobby for the wonderful Halloween song that I grew up with.
Have fun where ever you're going.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

the wind blowing in the bedroom window

Saturday was a lovely Spring day!

just me relaxing and enjoying the wind

looking out the bedroom door from the bed

Monday, April 23, 2007

I was a cooking fool this weekend

Gotta keep the boy feed.

Friday Night:
Three cheese tortellini with a tomato basil mozzarella sauce
Brownies from a box

Saturday Night:
Linguine with Shrimp and lemon oil
Chocolate chip cookies from scratch

Sunday Night:
A spicy tomato soup
Shrimp Etouffe

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Slaves can't quit

but we can run away.

better than dead

I have been ignoring my blog lately as work has been sucking in the worse way. Be a duck, Be a duck. Gotta keep telling myself that. The boss has been on a rampage, his employees are all fuck ups and can't do anything right. Breathe. Breathe again. Picture the duck, be the duck.

Have I mentioned I'm not really a duck fan?

Thank the Lord for weekends.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

tyke bike picture kinda

If you look very closely you can see a picture of what my Tyke Bike looked like in the bottom left hand corner of the advertisement.

And yes, I'm old like that. Shut up.

Andy was my friend

When I was a little girl, very little, I had a friend named Andy.

Andy lived two doors down and I am told we were inseparable.

Andy and I would eat breakfast together almost every morning. We would both sit in the same kitchen chair, our little bottoms check to check and share the same plate. All very sterile you see. If the beacon was gone by the time Andy arrived, my father, my grump of a father (but I’m guessing the grump part must have appeared later in life) would get up and prepare some more for him. Then we would go outside and play and play and play. We played hard for children still drinking out of sippy cups, yes we did.

My absolute very first memory included Andy.

I was at Andy’s front door. It starts with the door opening (now mind you this memory is at the eye level of a less than three year old child – I don’t really know my exact age at this time, but we moved from that house pretty close after my sister was born and she was born a month and a half after I had turned three – now back to the story), his mother says ” Diedre come on in. Andy is just getting up from his nap.” I turn right to go down the hall and walk into his room. He is climbing out of his crib (I was still probably sleeping in a crib at the time too, because that didn’t strike me as unusual – parents back then like to keep us caged up for as long as possible) and I thought to myself that it was very odd he was still wearing diapers. I mean diapers, come on, those are so yesterday. But before Andy’s little feet could hit the carpeting I heard my mothers voice at the front door and the panic ran all the way down my spine. HIDE ME was the main thought. QUICK I GOTTA HIDE. My arms flew out at my sides, my little body spun around to help me look for a hiding place. The closet, yeah the closet. No not the closet, too full of stuff. I knew that I was in trouble and started scrambling for an exit. That is the end of my very first memory.

Why the panic and the trouble you might be asking? You see I was supposed to be taking my nap. I had snuck secretly out of my bedroom, down my hall, opened the front door quietly and closed it back shut, all to escape the hell that was called nap time. I was bad like that.

One story my mother likes to tell is of a neighbor 7 houses down calling to inform her that her young daughter is heading toward Center Street on her Tyke Bike. I could hull ass on that Tyke Bike, yeah, I was that fast. I also wasn’t allowed past Andy’s house or across the street for that matter and Center Street was called Center Street for a reason, major road through town, very busy street with lots of cars. But I was gonna see the world, Baby. Nothing was gonna keep me down. There were things to do and people to see and I was going to hit it hard. Blow this Popsicle joint and head for the open road. Yeah, that was me a very, very long time ago. When dreams still could come true.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Birthday George Earnshaw

Not that you will ever see my birthday wish to you, but I still wish it and hope that one day you will find the peace that you are so desperately needing.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Okay. I opened the front door and that was that.

I don't have to go out there - really I don't.

There is nothing pressing.

There are things I could do, but don't have to.

We have food. We're good.

It's cold, it's wet and well . . .

I broke down and turned on the heaters. I had told myself earlier that I was not going to do that.

A co-worker called and asked if I was going to that party another co-worker is having.

Nope, it's cold and wet. I hate winter clothes, it's suppose to be Spring! I'm not going to backward in the wardrobe. I'm not wearing layers. I want to wear flimsy dresses, shorts, tiny tops . I want the sun on my skin and sport shades. I just bought some cheep grandma sunglasses yesterday. I wanna be a nerd in the sun! If anybody can pull that off, it'd be me.

Oh well, next weekend.

come on - really? global warming ????

It's snowing in Dallas and Austin today. I am freezing in Houston. And it is APRIL!

You're not going to get anywhere talking to me about global warming today - or for that matter the rest of the year - so zip it.

Friday, April 06, 2007

don't lick the frogs, MmKay

Frog exhibit this weekend!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

for you baby

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for you and only you

This morning

I was feeling brave (or was it just stupid) and a bit thinner.
So, I attempted to try on a couple of Catholic school girl skirts that I use to be able wear 5 - 6 years ago.

Not a good thing and not a chance of that happening any time soon

It's hard to believe that 1) I could fit in to clothing that small and 2) that it wasn't that long ago.

If I try real hard I maybe able to wear those clothes again - but don't hold your breath, I'm older too.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

MSG anyone? or is it fried?

Yeah, I think I've obtained a slight problem with MSG.

Last week - a bit of a stomach problem was dragging me down. Last night and today after some take-out Chinese food - same thing.

I didn't have a problem before, but I don't feel like experimenting any more to find out. At least not right now.

Note to self - stay away from places that even look like they use the MSG and read labels too.

or It could be just a thing with fried food. Sweet and sour chicken is fried too.

I guess I've been bad, but don't know why


Who was looking up "teen sex" on this computer????? Not me?

That only leaves one of two other possible people.

And you only get one guess.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monday, April 02, 2007


The boy is failing English (no surprise there) with a 60 and US History (so far a 53). And he already told me he was failing Theology, but he isn't - he knows that neither his father or I really care about this class. He isn't Catholic, so what does it matter. What I am surprise is that he is passing German. SHOCK! of the Century! And if he doesn't bring up his Algebra II grade I'm going to kick him across the street! He can do A LOT better than that. In his sleep, he can do a lot better. He's not trying.

Mother and her basketball - tip of the iceburg - TIP

I did it! I called my mother, just to bug her, during one of her NCAA basketball games. Just to piss her off. It failed.

The only reason I knew that the game was even on, is 'cause I tripped on it flipping through the channels and saw the beginning where they were interviewing people (Kids) from the band and cheer squad, and I, liking band nerds, just had to stopped to watch and listen to the support they were saying about their team. Honest, I wouldn't have known otherwise.

She (again back to the mother) thought something was wrong, and justly so, since I had just spoken with her on Saturday for about an hour, which is more than this bad girl usually does. So, now I have done my good dead for the week and talk again with the mother for about a hour (in less than two days from the last time).

I just wanted to see if she would hangup on me like I had joked about before that she would do. Nope, she didn't. And I tried so hard - every time after a commercial break was over - I'd say the game is back on! (real loud) - "nope" she said "that's just the replays of the first half". How could she tell!!!! It all looks the same to me.

Don't mess with an Indiana Woman and her college basketball. My poor dad, must of have loved basketball season. Joke, honestly!

By the time I got done talking to her - I really, really wanted a cig so bad!!!

So, I'm typing this instead to get me by. Thanks ya'll!

Take your shoes off - ya'll came back, ya hear.