Wednesday, August 06, 2008

long nails and I

When my nails are really long and I get called Edward Scissorhands.

Sorry they just accidently got caught on your skin, I didn't do it on purpose.

another clip from the movie

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Re-cut as Horror

da children

Maybe because as I get older I am getting less tolerant of the kiddies. I do not know. When I hear the screaming voices my skin crawls. Is it me? Yes, probably. Are they all out of control? Screaming and crying like the world revolves around them? I want I want I want!!!! At the stores, at the restaurants - I would love to go out to eat one night just one and not hear a single child screaming.
So with each advancing day I am beginning to feel more and more like this character from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The child catcher. He lures the children into his cart with sweets and lollies and tosses 'em into the dungeon. I really won't do this. Honest.
and to add to this more and more co-workers are bring their children to work so it is feeling like a day care around here. Spiderwick is now playing on the big screen in the conference room. Yeah. I do like the movie Spiderwick.

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