Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well, what is there to say.

Vacation was planned back in June for this past weekend. We had taken Thursday the 11th and Friday the 12th off from work. Booked a condo on North Padre Island. Of course we were looking forward to getting away and seeing friends.

Vacation was cancelled on Tuesday when it appeared that the eye of the hurricane was going to hit Corpus Christi. Before leaving work on Wednesday news had spread that it was going to now hit Freeport. Too close to home.

We still took Thursday and Friday off. Why not we had requested the time off months in advance. Work started letting people go at noon on Thursday anyway.

Thursday there was a line to get into the grocery store due to crowd control. Not a bad idea. There were lines for gasoline. Lines for the bank. Lines for everything. Now it was going to hit home. Galveston and then up to Houston.

Friday everything was dead. Just sat around waiting for the storm to come. Boarded up windows. Picked up everything from the yard and stored it. Waited for the storm to hit. Waited.

It hit. The boy's car is totalled, damage to the truck and my new car due to the neighbor's tree falling. No house damage thank goodness. One fence line will need to be replaced. Pool will need to be drained and cleaned. We still had water and gas through out the whole thing. Two days spent cleaning up the front yard. Still have not even touched the back. Power for us was back up on Monday at around 5:30pm. We were okay.

The office is still without power so they have me working from home. Yeah me!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I am a cereal car killer

I have killed another car.

I have never gotten to trade one in or resell one.

I had a Honda Civic that got hit and insurance paid $5000 to total it out even though it was an 8 year old car. Blue book value on my last dead car is $2500 and it is 8 years too.

I need to start a car grave site - maybe for Halloween.

A nephew is born

His name is Thomas Joseph, but I'm going to call him Joe.

The Boy had Graduated