Saturday, March 31, 2007

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole - Somewhere over the Rainbow

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the rain had stopped for now

I wish it would rain all day.

Hey New Jersey!

Yesterday someone from New Jersey Googled "Kiss the Bunny" Bickley lyrics and came to my site.

I don't have the lyrics here, but if you want I can get them for you.

Would that be alright?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

so far so good

This morning is the first morning this week that I was brave enough to have my usual breakfast. I think my stomach is finally on the mend. I was getting tired of soup, crackers and water.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Maybe I'll get away Easter weekend,

I realized today that I want to go visit my dad's grave site. I want to sit and talk to his headstone and be alone there. Get on a plane, rent a car, drive to the site and rest. I want to be buried there.

except I don't like to travel.


If you could have anything you wanted right now, but only one thing, what would you wish for?

Do you think that you would be happy with that wish for a day? A month? a year? or ten years later?

Upset stomach?

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A word of warning - don't go looking for vomit pictures on the world wide web if you have a sensitive stomach.
The one above was the tamest one I found.
There are some very sick people out there. (literally)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


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newest picture of the niece

How my sister and her husband produced such a beautiful baby the world will never know.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Friday, March 23, 2007

yada yada yada

I have what is called a geographical tongue. When I would get sick as a child my tongue would look like the surface of the moon. Cleveland Clinic doctors took pictures of my tongue once when it was in this state for their medical reference. Great huh? It still happens sometimes now, but that is rare.

My alarm use to be set to awake me to the BUZZ 94.5, but found I could sleep through that, then I change it to a Tejano radio station and found that I could also sleep through that. Now I have it set to static with a cross of two stations fighting for the same bandwidth, not near as enjoyable. Grrrrr

Today I forgo the bra and went with the bells.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Forgive me Father for I have sinned. It has been 3 days since my last confession to you. . .

I begged the hubby for a cigarette last night - thank goodness he either didn't have any or was lying to me about that. Begged I tell you! I was all but on my knees and to be honest with you when I'm on my knees I'm hard to resist.

And yes, I am going to be a quitter and quit for good!

Brenda Savage continues

Brenda had had 3 hernia operations by the time she was 12 years old, had broken her foot once in the spokes of a bicycle because she was barefoot and ridding on the handle bars. She was a wild child indeed. For these reasons I was and still am glad that I was not her.

My mother also gave away ALL of my stuffed animals to Brenda when my mom was in one of her cleaning frenzies. My precious stuffed animal snake even!!! This topic is still brought up during family conversations with pain and anger.

And the only time I remember getting into trouble with Brenda where we gave out Cindy's name was when we were skipping rocks under passing cars on a busy street. One car squealed to a stop and turned around to hunt us down. Good times.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I have heard . . .

that no news is good news. So I will tell a childhood tale.

I had a really good friend in my childhood who I wanted to be like so badly. She was wild and free and a ton of fun to be with, she was not afraid of anything. Her name was Brenda Savage and I always use to think it was a cool name !! I still do think it is a cool name. And have used it once or twice in my life when wanting to give someone a fake name - I didn't make it a practice, only when absolutely necessary to some creep in a bar. What a great porn star name or a stripper name!

When we were young people use to think we were sisters and we passed ourselves off as sisters a lot when we could. If one of us got in trouble with some adult who didn't know us and we were apart at the time, we would give the other sisters name - that just how it was. If we were together when we got into trouble we would give Cindy Anderson's name - another friend of ours on the same street. Both her parents work and she was never, ever in trouble - so it was a safe bet.

That is the end of my Brenda Savage Tale!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Washing the dogs tonight

Unfortunately for me they are not this small.

some more for your viewing pleasure

I spent the most time in this shop. This one and the vintage clothing store. but to be able to buy anything in the vintage clothing store you have to be a size 3 or smaller.

Shopping day in the Heights on Saturday

Because it was Saint Patrick's Day.

This caught my attention, seems that isn't a hard thing to do.

The first shop on the right I bought a ceramic day of the dead doll. Figures only me thinking of Halloween on St. Paddy's Day.

current reading

Okay, I lied, but I did try. I just could NOT get through that other book. It was way too cheesy. If worse case and I run out of things to read I may (may I tell you!) pick it back up again, but Lord I hope not. The book was so bad that it made me unable to watch the show on SciFi last Sunday night.

current listening

Actually I though I was going to be listening to Whiskey Town "Stranger Almanac", but this was in it place.

I had to turn it off and listen to the radio because I started crying to the song "Green".

I am such a weenie!

Monday, March 19, 2007

The only song I could find from the Movie

Without showing the over 2 minute trailer. Enjoy!

Today's listening

weekend listening in the car

It wasn't actually this CD that I was listening to, but their Off Kilter CD. You get the idea though.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

and the bagpipes soothe the soul

Myspace Layouts
Saint Patricks Day Comments

And I remember one St. Patrick's Day where we were mixing other colors besides green in the beer. Whoever puked up the colors first was going to be the winner - Thank God I didn't win that game.

More ramblings

I need to go to the Heights today, to be specific Penzeys Spices. The hubby went yesterday to get spices for the pork sasuage he and his brother are making and all I could think of that I needed was paprika. I was wrong. So wrong.

The boy is ill today, he has been throwing up. Yuck. I had thought I would have taken him with me. He doesn't like the spice store, but there are others stores around that he would like. Oh well.

I do not need any more almond extract!!!! Two times I thought I was buying vanilla extract and when getting home found out that it was almond!

I have cinnamon located in 5 places in my kitchen, you can never have too much cinnamon.

If I don't make a list of what I need before leaving this house, I will over buy. Oh what the hell.

I have a feeling that I will be buying some orange extract. Yes, I think I will.

Nutmeg is on the list.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ohhh, I should get this

It's by the same woman!!

The Cake Bible cookbook

Current listening

Current reading


I hate the smell of fresh mulch, it makes me want to puke.

Which scent do you like better - tangerine or lemon? I can't decide.

Work that my car needs:
oil change
front end alignment
new air compressor
(1) hub cap
new heater core
*oh joy*

I'm not enjoying the book that I'm currently reading to much, but I'm still going to read it.

I get zoo news emailed to me by the Smithsonian National Zoological Park . They have live webcams where you can see what the animals are up to. Right now I'm watching the Golden Lion Tamarin webcam under small mammals, they are all running and jumping around. So cute.

There is nothing planned this weekend and I like that.

I should call my mother when she's watching her college basketball games and jibber at her so she can't enjoy them, but then she would probably hang up on me anyway.

My Aunt (my father's sister) is having breast cancer surgery today, we all know she will be fine. Early detection and all, ya see.

I spent 90 dollars on lotions and body stuff today and I don't care cause I'm worth it (not to sound like that damn commercial).

I still haven't figured out what I want to do when I grow up.

The hubby brought home more furniture last night - a huge chopping block island thingy that his father had made for his mother when she was alive.

This morning my Cake Bible cookbook was sitting on that island. Is someone trying to tell me something? Does the boy want me to bake him a cake and if so which one?

I like baking and making sweets, I don't really eat them.

The store where I bought the lotions and stuff from was playing Cowboy Mouth on their overhead music system. I saw them play once at the Verizon Wireless.

Growing up my sister was the cook and I was the baker. She still doesn't know how to bake and calls me for advise.

Yesterday was the last cigarette ever.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The fire department was out today

There was an over powering electrical smell in the area of our lab and server room. Soon after there was smoke it the back hall way. The fire department was called and it was soon discovered that the workers re-roofing the roof got some of their roofing stuff in the air return system of the building. Oh yes, a fun time was had by all. Five fire trunks responded. The top photo is what you might pray to see if you are ever stuck in a fire, hopefully that will never happen, but now you know.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

warm sleep

I awoke this morning in my favorite way, all nice and toasty, with my body emitting heat.

It has taken me awhile to get use to the new sleeping arrangement. My hubby had been complaining of the old quilts that I use, say that he has been tired of pulling up on the blankets/quilts and hearing rips / tears. So about two months ago I went out shopping to get new bedding. Goodbye old heirloom quilts - change is so hard for me. My hubby had one request - NO FLOWERS. Okay I can do that. At the store I went straight to the machine made quilts. I found several I like right away, some had flowers (the ones I like best did - tiny small sewed on ones), others didn't. Well, I was almost going to walk out of the store with one (machine made) quilt at $149 when I saw that the price for a set of queen set (including pillow cases), two pillow shams (which I don't use), a bed skirt and a comforter was $199. I've never has a bed skirt I thought, I bet that would make the room look a little nicer. What can I say I put aside the quilt with the tiny sewed on flowers and got the thing with the bed skirt.

The comforter doesn't have the weight I need, it turns out that not only do I need the warmth, but the weight is an issue as well, something heavy on top of me holding me down. It must be a throw back to my babyhood, my mother must have kept me tightly bundled, even though I was a summer baby.

I am just now getting use to the new bedding and dig this, I've got my old quilt on top of the comforter, but only on my side of the bed. And the hubby, who really only needs a sheet, also pushes his part of the comforter on my side of the bed.


Crawfish anyone?

Saturday night we had a crawfish boil and invited the usual suspects. It was a nice and relaxing night.

Sunday night with the leftover crawfish I made crawfish etouffee.
I knew how I wanted the crawfish etouffee to turn out, but had never made it before. I found one recipe on Food Network, tried it and tossed it out. The base was too spicy and watery. I could tell it wasn't right even before it was finished.

So, I took one of Emerils and improvised - this is his.

This is mine:

1 cup of butter
1 cup of flour
4 cups (give or take depending on texture) of chicken stock
2 cups of onion chopped fine
1 cup of celery chopped fine
1/2 tablespoons minced garlic
2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cayenne
Over a pound of crawfish tails
1 tablespoon of sugar
Cooked Rice
Chopped parsley
Chopped green onion

Mix the crawfish tails with the sugar and set aside in the refrigerator until needed.
Make a medium caramel colored roux with the butter and flour, while doing that in another pan sauté the onions, celery, garlic till soft with some butter. When the roux is ready gradually add the chicken stock until the texture is the way you like. Added the onions, celery, garlic, bay leaves, salt, cayenne and simmer, adjust texture to your liking by adding more stock or floor. Add the crawfish and simmer. Server over cooked rice sprinkle with parsley and green onion.

The boy and his friend, Andrew, loved it. Guess I did good.

sister and the cat

My sister has called me twice now, two days in a row, for one issue. That issue is - have I gotten rid of the cat yet.

No, I haven't. I don't have the guts, nerve, or whatever. I signed the SPCA paper work stating that if I ever got rid of the cat that I would take her back there. How can I put her through that torture again?

My sister has made it her personal agenda to see that the cat is gone, she has gotten on the soap box and ranted about how if I don't rid of that cat she won't come to visit. Well, like that is the fuel for my fire, but it backfired on her.

Here Kitty Kitty. Good cat. Have this nice bowl of tuna. Sleep on the bed.
How can I get rid of the cat now?

but it's one way to get rid of a family member

Saturday, March 10, 2007

current listening for today

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Noon today, Yes!

I have been so looking forward to this. I hope we get some good seats.
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Friday, March 09, 2007


One of the most distinctive signs of a rabies infection is a tingling or twitching sensation around the area of the animal bite. It is often accompanied by a fever, headache, muscle aches, loss of appetite, nausea, and fatigue.

As the infection progresses, someone infected with rabies may develop any of the following symptoms:

excessive movements or agitation
bizarre or abnormal thoughts
muscle spasms
abnormal postures
seizures (convulsions)
weakness or paralysis (when a person cannot move some part of the body)
extreme sensitivity to bright lights, sounds, or touch
increased production of saliva or tears
difficulty speaking

In the advanced stage of the infection, as it spreads to other parts of the nervous system, other symptoms may develop:

double vision
problems moving facial muscles
abnormal movements of the diaphragm and muscles that control breathing
difficulty swallowing and increased production of saliva, causing the "foaming at the mouth" usually associated with a rabies infection

Thursday, March 08, 2007

This fruit isn't right - devil cat

You ever eat a piece of fruit that is bad or not right, and then it takes you a very long time before you attempt to eat that type of fruit again.

I use to love eating plums, however, one time I took a bite out of one that wasn't ripe and I haven't braved another one since.

Don't bite the Mama

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You are probably wondering what you are looking at. That My Friends is a cat bite on my leg. And here is the story:

This morning after I got out of the shower I was cleaning the condensation off of the mirror, which produced a horrible squeaking sound (or must have seemed like it to the cat). The door to the bathroom is usually shut tight, but of course it wasn't this morning. She (the bitch cat) slinked in and bit me. I screamed, I cussed, the hubby walked in laughing until he saw the blood. Two puncture holes clear as day.
She broke skin with her teeth on me - the one who feeds her and cleans her litter box, the one who she sleeps on. That Bitch. She is out of here.

The area of the bite is now itchy, red and swollen. If I die of rabies I want you to come to my funeral. Promise me.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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Thank you, Brooke, for a bit of distraction

Your Love Style is Eros
For you, love is all about the passion!And chances are, you're currently in love.You have a strong physical response to love...And you are great at committing (As long as the person makes your toes curl!)

and in one moment "lately" is gone

Emotions change day to day. I try so hard not to be on a roller coaster and more like the merry-go-around, but then it happens and I can't control it.

and I can't change it.

and one day all is happy and bright and the next it's not

ah, such is the way of life. of human life. of my life.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Good Night

I'm finally done and was guessing at the end. I'm tired and punchy.


I have been so happy.

Is it just because of Spring time, one of my favorite times, because it means that summer time is right around the corner? Maybe.

I can't say for sure why, really I can't.

I love my life, I love where I work, I love where I live, I feel content with the world and my place right in it. Right now. Is this possible? Is it possible for anyone?

Sure, there are some things bothering me, but over all I feel good. Two weeks ago did I feel this way? No, I didn't. Can I say I will feel this way in a month from now? No, I can't. But I can hope.

busy busy busy as the bees

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Thanks Spinning Girl!!

Thank you Spinning Girl for the 100% legit piece of house crap. It is a treasure for sure and super fun getting mail. Thank you! You are so kind - can I say that?

when they're gone

I like my cat, kinda, I mean she's okay, but after she is gone I'm not going to be getting another one.

I love my dogs, but after they are gone I'm not going to be getting any more. I don't think.

I love my hubby, but after he's gone I'm not going to be getting another. I don't think so,
but never say never.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

cleaning today

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A friend asked me when do I clean my bathroom - odd question, but I answered it. So, as I was waiting for the cable guy I started cleaning - Major cleaning. Our bedroom is finished, the front room is almost done - we're going to get rid of the love seat, the blue chair and maybe even the red chair (haven't decided on that yet) - and then the front room will be done. The bathrooms, the kitchen and the living room will all be completed before the weekend is over. I've dusted almost everything there is to dust - except the hubby's collection of (I don't know what to call it) knickknacks? - that's not done and I probably won't do it either - it's his collection. Ya know. Oh, and I'm not going to clean the computer room - we're waiting to put laminate flooring down and going to get rid of some stuff in there too.

Busy, busy and taking time out to check out the new internet connection. Loving it.

the boy don't smile much

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It's 10:30 do you know where your cable guy is

and not the move "The Cable Guy" Y.U.C.K.

He is suppose to be here between 8am to 8pm. A 12 hour window. Yea! So I'm stuck at the house all alone, can't go anywhere. I don't like the idea of having a strange man in my bedroom hooking up cable with me here all alone, but I'll manage.

The hubby is taking a test for work from the training class he had last weekend. Gotta keep those certifications up to date and all. It's the same at my place of employment. I was up there till 7pm last night studying for my exam. Good thing to, cause a client called the answering service for an emergency - which wasn't an emergency (the sky is falling did you know?) - so the technician on call called me and I had to work on his problem for a bit and get him all straighten out before leaving.

How is your day going? Better and busier than mine?

Friday, March 02, 2007

For the boys

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some music for the soul?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

current listening

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